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    Little Adventures

    Let Imaginations Run Wild with this Creative Collection of Kids Costumes

    Little Adventures comes from humble beginnings of two mums who decided there was a lack of high-quality, affordable kids dress-ups available on the market. Jenny and Heather began their own little adventure sewing and selling costumes at local craft fairs. It didn't take long before their little adventure became a great expedition. Little Adventures is dedicated to nurturing the imagination and magic that live in young children. Their adorable dress-ups are stretchy, soft, comfortable and machine washable. Some of our favourite celeb mums have even jumped on the bandwagon including Jessica Alba, Katie Holmes and Alyson Hannigan who have been spotted with their kids in these adorable costumes! See what all the fuss is about and stock your dress-up box with these colourful creations for little boys and girls.

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